Learn All About Speki!!!

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What You Need To Know About Speki

Speki is a dumb folf who is blue (which makes them more dumb) Regardless speki is awesoem and cool and handsome and single smirk

The name Speki is Icelandic for "Wisdom", which is ironic considering how dumb Speki is.

Speki is a gay male. He is very shy but tries to be extroverted. Speki enjoys to have fun with friends and make people happy ^w^.

Speki values transparency over everything else, and will vibe very well with those who share the same value of honesty


Speki in real life:


Speki is pursuing a career in aviation, with dreams of becoming a commercial pilot. Wish him luck!.

Speki is also the Supreme Leader of his own nation! An image below shows the glorious Supreme Leader Speki in his uniform! Learn more about his nation here!

holdflag arms out